About Us

Exceptional beauty for the exceptional you

Are you interested in cutting edge anti-aging treatments? Or are you concerned about a skin condition and would like to explore the latest treatment option? In both cases you have come to the right place.

Dr Dashore’s DHL Centre is one of the largest centres for treatment of Skin and Hair disorders in the country. It offers the latest and the most advanced treatments. Laser machines like the Light Sheer Diode and Medlite C6, available at our centre, are the gold standard for the treatment of laser hair removal and for fairness, in the world. You will find the same machines if you visit top laser treatment centres anywhere in the world. The latest technology the Revlite SI has been introduced introducted in India for the first time at Dashore’s DHL centre. With a huge facility spanning 5 floors, Dashore’s DHL centre provides solution to all skin problems under one roof.

We at DHL centre strive to help you achieve the most natural and refreshed look with minimal intervention.

The most popular procedures our dedicated team performs includes.

Hair transplantation, 100% Natural Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for Hair loss, Botox and fillers for aging face, Full body whitening and Full body hair removal

Dashore’s DHL centre is led by senior dermato cosmetologist of INDORE city – Dr Anil Dashore. Dr Dashore has been dedicated to the field of dermatology since 35 years and has a vast experience in the field. Our pride is in our continuous research After completing his research work at AIIMS New Delhi and writing 30 research papers and 3 books, Dr Anil Dashore came back to his home city of INDORE. In 1991 he opened the first of its kind Skin Centre in INDORE. He introduced Laser treatment to the city of INDORE for the first time. This centre competed with the biggest centres of the country at that time. Now after 28 years Dr Anil Dashore has initiated another, one of a kind, venture. which provides solution for skin conditions like vitiligo, Psoriasis, rosacea, acne, acne scars, pigmentation, tanning and wrinkle reduction. Dr Dashore’s dedication to each patient’s well being is reason behind the faith that his patients have in him.

We, at Dr Dashore’s DHL centre, understand the importance of safety, care and satisfaction of our patients and give it our utmost importance. Rest assured you will be welcomed into a warm, friendly and confidential environment.