Tattoo removal done by Dr Shuken Dashore

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June 6, 2019
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July 22, 2019
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Tattoo removal done by Dr Shuken Dashore

Patient Monica (Name changed) 23 year old girl who lives in indore came to Dr Anil Dashore and Dr Shuken Dashore for tattoo removal of a small tattoo on her arm. She wished to become an Airhostess. She was selected for the interview in the Airhostess training programme but was rejected in the physical examination because of the tattoo. She wished to seek the best Dermalogist in indore and she went to Dr Shuken Dashore. She 5 sessions of tattoo removal by the Revlite SI laser Cynosure USA. The Revlite SI is the world’s best qswitched laser and first of its kind laser in India. The first Revlite SI laser of India is installed at Dr Dashore’s DHL centre. After 5 sessions which were 21 days apart, her tattoo was almost completely removed. With this she cleared her interview and is now ready to fly high. We wish her the best of luck for her future.

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