Vitiligo surgery performed by Dr Shuken Dashore

Dr Shuken Dashore presented his innovation of syringe only method of preparation of PRP at ACSICON 2019
May 13, 2019
Tattoo removal done by Dr Shuken Dashore
June 10, 2019
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Vitiligo surgery performed by Dr Shuken Dashore

Patient Geeta chouhan (Name changed) had been suffering from white spot or vitiligo since past 15 years. She was seeking white spot treatment in Indore. She found the clinic of Dr Shuken Dashore via Google. However no dermatologist in indore could give her relief to her white spot. Finally she was suggested to undergo thin theshers grafting for vitiligo by Dr Shuken Dashore. Thin theshers grafting is a special type of surgery initiated by by Dr PN Bhel from Delhi. This technique gives instant relief to White spot. Here, a very superficial layer of skin is taken from the thigh of the patient

and placed it on the white spot. By this method white spot is cured immediately.

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